School year reflections through three quarters

Good morning, Parents.

In my announcements to the high school staff this morning, I asked them to consider a few questions that may help us to reflect on the year so far, while we still have a little time to write the last few chapters.  My hope is that collectively we can think about questions such as the three below, and in doing so position ourselves to really finish the year well.

  • What is my favorite success story or memory from this school year so far?
  • What obstacles did I overcome and how did meeting those challenges make me better?
  • What is my biggest regret this year?  Is there something I can still do to turn it around?

I would like to share two success stories with you this morning to begin the process. 

My first story is about the Flying Dutch Media class, specifically the video announcements they produce each week for our student body.  It has been fun to watch their progress in producing a higher quality product on nearly a weekly basis.  This morning as I was watching the the stories they did on the Top Ten Banquet, the upcoming Big East Art Show, and the Solo/Ensemble Competitions, I thought about how good it is for all of our students to see the hard work and impressive results of their classmates each Monday morning.  Seeing the pictures of some really impressive art pieces, and seeing the musicians perform in those two stories allow all of us to see first hand the achievements of others.  It is a great way to celebrate the impressive things others are doing, and it seems like it brings different parts of our student body together to appreciate the talents of others we may not otherwise be exposed to regularly.  These video announcements are very inclusive and positive in helping us see all of the great things going on at OHS.  I think this has been a great addition to our school and I really appreciate how the teachers (Ms. Immel, Mrs. Wray, and Mr. Allen) and the students have used this new class to bring our student body together to support each other.  

A second really significant highlight at our school this year has been the incredibly energetic student body cheering section at sporting events.  If there was a competition at each game between the two students sections to determine which was the loudest, highest energy, and most supportive, our student section would have easily won virtually every game I attended.  I was especially impressed because they focused their efforts on supporting our team and they rarely crossed any lines in terms of respecting our opponents or the officials.  They also kept their energy high to support our teams even when our teams were struggling, rather than becoming frustrated and negative.  That is somewhat unusual and it seemed to really help our teams when they needed support the most.  I know our coaches really appreciated the energy and support of our student section, and our teams did as well.  It looked like our student section had a great time at games, and their energy made the events more fun for everyone.  We really hope the standard that was set this year is something that becomes a tradition with our student section.  

Have a great week,