School safety, and a couple of announcements.

  • We did a lockdown drill on April 18th in conjunction with the State-wide tornado drill. Prior to the drill, we have had pretty extensive discussions as a faculty about the wide variety of lockdown situations that can occur at the HS level, and we talked about the proper and unique procedures for each of those categories. We have established three levels of lockdowns, and our plans are in event of such an emergency to use the PA system to communicate the specific level of lockdown and probably the location of the problem. We would simply announce—“Please lockdown immediately, we have a medical emergency”, or “disturbance”, or “armed intruder.” As each level increases, the teacher and classroom responses change as well, and sometimes due to the location of the problem. For example, during a medical emergency lockdown, class would continue as normal but students would not be allowed to leave the classroom. This would allow us to secure the area of the medical emergency and keep everyone out of the responders way. On the other hand, during a disturbance level lockdown, students could not leave the classroom, nor would students be allowed into the classroom during the duration of the lockdown. This would allow us to keep the classrooms safe from the disturbance. We specifically drilled a disturbance level lockdown, but the teachers took time to discuss the various levels with the students and also the response possibilities such as taking cover and how to do so in that classroom.  We have worked hard to gather current advice from law enforcement, and to prepare with our staff to make our school as safe as possible.
  • At this point, we are planning to give replacement tests using the “retired” (past years) Explore and Plan tests only in the areas that were goofed up with our April testing. (Parents of Freshmen and Sophomores received a letter describing our problems.) We would give them right in the related classes, so it would not be disruptive, and the testing company will provide us scoring resources so we can score those portions ourselves. This is rather inexpensive to do and it will pretty much get us to where we would have been without the mistakes. We will have accurate and complete results.

  • We have changed the time of both Driver Education sessions this summer from 8:00-10:00 am to 9:00-11:00 am. If your child is taking Driver Education this summer, please note that change in time.