Reminders and HS course information

I would like to use this week’s message to provide a couple of reminders and some information about next year’s courses.

  •  We do have school this Friday, April 26th because it is a snow day make-up.
  • The students last day of school will be Tuesday, June 11th. This will be a full day of school with the busses running as normal.
Scheduling/Course Information:
1. This past year we offered a Strategic Reading (The Read 180 program) course for our students who would benefit from improving their reading fluency and comprehension. The course has proven very successful and students enrolled have improved their reading scores by as much as two and three years of growth. These impressive results are exciting because reading is such a core skill for students that this sort of growth positions those students to be much more successful in all areas of school. Next year we will be offering two sections of Strategic Reading so that more students can benefit, and at this point we have a handful of seats available. If you think your student could benefit from this course, please let us know and we will discuss the opportunity with you.
2. Next year we will be changing the format of our freshmen math classes. In the past we offer Algebra to most of the freshmen and Geometry for the majority of sophomores. Beginning next year, we plan to integrate first semester Algebra and first semester Geometry into our freshmen math class. The first semester Algebra concepts are very compatible with first semester 2-dimensional geometry which is typically taught in the first semester. Integrating the two classes together also allows for more application of the concepts in combination. The following year, we will change the sophomore class to an integrated class of semester two Algebra combined with semester two Geometry which includes 3D applications. In the transition, this coming year’s sophomores will still have Geometry.
3. And finally, a list of new (or relatively new) classes that parents may be interested in discussing with their students: CAPP Physics, Adv. Physics and Engineering, Science and Technology, Medical Terminology, Art Culture, Robotics, Composites and Polymers, and Accounting.
As always, if you have any questions about your child’s classes for next year, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Have a great week. 
Scott Greupink