Progress Reporting process provides a great time for parents and teachers to communicate.

Good morning, Parents. 

This week Thursday and Friday, December 12th and 13th, our teachers will be issuing Progress Reports in each student’s daily planner. If you have your student’s planner in hand, you will notice that immediately inside the front cover is a page where the students can list the classes on their course schedule, and if you turn the page you will notice a schedule of “important dates” and the first of four progress reporting sheets. Presumably, their second quarter progress reports will be listed on page #4. 

We would encourage every parent to mention the progress reporting process to their high school students this week, and ask that they bring home their planners this coming weekend so that you can see their mid-term grades, discuss them, and you can also sign the form as indicated on the bottom with a parent signature. 

The progress reporting process provides a great opportunity for teachers, students and parents to communicate about student learning and progress. We are half way through the second quarter, so time still remains for significant action to be taken by students to change their results if that is necessary given their current progress. For parents, this is also a great time to check on your child’s progress and then take steps to communicate with their teachers where that may be necessary. Many parents have found the progress reporting time to be the perfect time to talk with teachers about what exactly is causing their student to underachieve, and what parents can do to support their students in being more successful. 

Obviously, the best way to communicate with teachers about your students progress is to talk with them on the phone. Many parents call the high school at 564-2346, and have the receptionist put them through to the teachers extension. Others call in the evening and use the automated system to leave a voice message. Parents also frequently email teachers with questions and leave contact information so the teachers can call them back. We have found that phone conversations are far more effective way to communicate in a complete manner than purely email exchanges, especially when the discussion is complex in nature. All of our district email addresses follow the format of first initial, last name, such as in

We welcome parent/teacher communication anytime during the school year because we have consistently found partnering with parents and sharing information only leads to improved student performance. Our parents at OHS do a wonderful job of supporting teachers, and their students, so we value the time we spend connecting with parents. That being said, there is almost no time better than the mid-quarter progress reporting process to proactively communicate and take steps to improve grades that are not what we expect. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers at any time of the school year.