Progress Reporting and the Junior ACT/WorkKeys tests.

Good morning, Parents.

My goal this morning is to provide you with a few bits of timely information.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will be progressing reporting in the student planners as we have done for some time. We plan to continue this practice through this school year, but while we think it is very valuable to conference with students, and talk about their progress in class at the midpoint of each quarter, we feel progress reporting in the planners is rather unnecessary since the same information is available through Infinite Campus in an on-going manner. If you do not regularly check your children’s progress with Infinite Campus, we would encourage you to do so at the midpoint of the quarter because there is still time to respond to any issues you may find. I would also encourage you to check to see if your children have gotten any detentions as that information is also available in Infinite Campus.

We sent a letter last week to the parents of juniors to let them know about the state-wide testing coming up next week and it probably would be wise to provide a little information to all parents about what is going on as a result. The statewide testing dates for the ACT and WorkKeys test are Tuesday, March 3rd (ACT) and Wednesday, March 4th (WorkKeys). The make-up dates for students who miss the initial tests are March 17th and 18th respectively. We would also like parents to know that while we are having school as normal on March 3rd and 4th for the freshmen, sophomores, and seniors for the whole day, we plan to pull the juniors out of class for the testing each morning and then release them in the afternoon but continue school for the other grade levels.

Because the ACT and WorkKeys tests are so important in terms of our students’ futures, we want to put them in the best possible position to do well. Obviously, the more motivated each student is to work hard on these challenging tests, the better their results will be individually. Most of our staff members have taken the ACT and know it is mentally exhausting. That is why we think it is not only reasonable, but wise, to allow the juniors to be released from school and have the afternoons off on these demanding testing days. We hope that will keep them fresh and sharp mentally to do well on each test, and we hope it will also be an encouragement to do their best in the testing process.

Stay warm,

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Q3 Progress Reporting
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