Progress report follow-up.

Good morning, Parents. 

I hope each of you were able to review your student’s progress reports in their planners, and sign them to indicate that you are involved in this communication process. If you saw anything concerning, I hope you were able to talk with the teacher, or will be able to do so early this week. 

When I was moving around the building on Thursday and Friday, I saw many teachers conferencing with students individually as they went through the progress reporting process in each classroom. Most teachers assign a practice activity to the class, and then call students up one at a time to not only issue the progress report in the planner, but also have a short discussion about the students progress and success. We not only what the students to know how they are doing, but we also want them to be reflective about their learning with the teacher. Students are far more likely to improve if they understand the factors that are effecting their success in positive or negative ways and that is the goal of these discussions. The teacher may talk with the student about where their learning is breaking down and the types of practice they can do to address the situation. I personally heard several teachers talking with students about the quality of their practice work, and the effect that was having on their assessment results. These discussions were intended to point out to students that if they wanted better results, they had to do a better job with practice and preparation. 

I share this specific information about how most of the progress reports are given in classrooms because I suspect that when parents ask questions at home, such as, “Why are you getting a B- in Chemistry?”, they are often told by their children that they don’t know. The truth is that in most classes each student has had a discussion with the teacher and the teacher provided answers to that very question. If you find after sharing this knowledge about how progress reports are given in the classroom that your child still does not understand the background about their grade, please take time to call or email their teachers as was suggested in last week’s message. You can call the school at 920-564-2346 and ask for teacher voice mail extensions, or you can email the teachers and provide contact information, as well as the best time for them to give you a call back. All of our email addresses follow the same format as mine, We certainly hope you will take time to contact teachers if the progress reports warranted such communication. 

I would also like to wish every family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.