Preparing students for success in all sorts of careers after high school.

Good morning, Parents.

With the first half of the school year complete, I think it is safe to say that all of the staff at OHS are really enjoying the school year so far. We feel like we have a really nice student body. The students are kind, responsive, and just a pleasure to work with each day. While we often feel fortunate to be working with quality young people, not all student bodies leave the same impression on us. Therefore, we really appreciate this group, and we give a lot of credit to the senior class for setting this positive tone for the school.

The Guidance Department will be processing second quarter/semester grades in the next few days, and then we will be sending home report cards later in the week. Included in the report card mailing will be Aspire test results for the freshmen who took this test in the fall.

And finally, while I hope to keep these comments brief this morning, I want to try to address a perspective we continue to hear from parents. It seems that when many parents hear us refer to our focus on “college and career readiness,” they conclude we are overly focused on preparing all students for college. Somehow the term—college and career readiness—creates the perception of exclusively college prep, rather than a broader approach to preparing all students for the futures of their choice.

Please be assured that we are focused on preparing students for all sorts of careers. We recognize that the post high school world of our current students will be rich with quality jobs that do not require college degrees. We are working diligently with LTC to articulate classes and offer dual credit classes that prepare students for technical careers in health care and manufacturing. We have taken steps to connect interested students with significant resources offered by the Lakeshore Health Alliance to provide students opportunities to begin their technical training while in high school. We have grown our participation in Youth Apprenticeship (YA) from what typically included 1 or 2 students, to currently having 10 students involved in these quality on the job learning experiences in local companies. And in the initial meeting for YA for next year, we had 40 students show interest with 37 planning to attend the student/parent information meeting at LTC. Besides connecting students with these valuable opportunities and resources outside of OHS, it is also important to point out that our whole tech. ed. department is focused on providing a wide range of learning experiences that prepare students for quality jobs and technical training programs after high school.

I hope that this information helps parents see clearly that when we say we are focused on college and career readiness, that we are indeed focused on preparing students who will choose career options that do not include college. We simply want to do a very good job of preparing all students for the future careers of their choice.

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