Parent and Student Scheduling Discussions

Dear Parents,

Since we plan to hold registration meetings for ’14-’15 classes with students next week, this is a great time for parents to initiate conversations with your high school children about classes they are interested in taking next year, and it is also a great time for parents to set expectations in terms of the choices you want them to make as well to prepare for their futures.

If your student will be a junior or senior in ‘14’-15, you may want to remind them that they should be talking with teachers in “instructor approval” types of classes. These sorts of classes are underlined on our registration forms and included mostly higher level classes or capstone classes in some departments such as Voice and Art Studio. While we do not have many courses that demand prerequisites, we do require students to discuss classes of this sort with their teachers so they can make the best possible choices and get advice about the fit of the class given their level of preparation at this point in time. On the registration form, we ask the teachers of “instructor approval” classes to initial the registration form when these classes are requested if they feel it is a good fit. A couple of course—Adv. Composition and Yearbook—require an application process.

And finally, I would like to share a story related to a conversation I had with a parent last week. This parent told me that her college-aged son had a roommate who was well ahead of schedule–had over three semesters complete at the end of his freshmen year–and even had priority in choosing dorm rooms because of his advanced standing. When I shared that we offer dual credit, CAPP, and AP courses that provide students a similar opportunity to earn college credits while at OHS, this parent reminded me that somehow that sort of information was not always delivered home by her son when he was in high school. So, I share this story to remind parents that we have six classes that offer both college and high school credit, and allow students to save time and money in college. If that does not sound overly attractive to your student right now, you may want to discuss with them that they may have regrets in a couple of years if they don’t take advantage of these opportunities now. This may be a good area for parents to set expectations as well in terms of course selections.

Dual Credit classes include: (1 credit in HS, 3 college credits.)
Medical Terminology, LTC, free except the cost of the workbook for $85.
Anatomy and Physiology, LTC, free
CAPP Biology, Lakeland College, $300
CAPP Physics, Lakeland College, $300
CAPP Pre-Calculus, Lakeland College, $300
AP Calculus, $87 cost of the AP test. 3-5 College credits or CAPP Calculus, Lakeland College, $300

If you have any questions about scheduling, please call me or Josh Cole at 564-2346.