Open House and other important dates.

With our first week of school complete, our school year is off to a very good start.  We would once again like to invite all of our parents and families to Open House next Monday, September 16th from 4:30-7:30 pm. Open House gives parents a nice opportunity to meet your children’s teachers and talk a bit about the courses and learning your child will be focused on this year. We would also like to invite you to have dinner with us in the HS cafeteria. If you wish to order food, there was an order form in your registration packet and it is posted on our website as well. You could also stop in the HS office for a copy of the Open House meal order form.  Again, we sincerely hope you can join us next Monday for Open House.

Important dates for the ‘13-‘14 School Year:
Sept. 3                  First day of school for students.
Sept. 10                Picture Day
Sept. 16                Open House HS/MS
Oct. 3&4 Q1        Progress Reporting
Sept. 30-Oct. 4     Homecoming Week
Oct. 5                   Homecoming Dance
Oct. 16                 PSAT Exam
Oct. 28                 Fall Choir Concert (HS)
Nov. 12-17           Musical 
Nov. 7                  End Q1.
Nov. 9                  Vets Day Parade in Milwaukee
Nov. 11                Vets Day Program
Nov. 11&12         HS Parent/Teacher Conf’s.
Dec. 9                  MS Band/Choir @ OHS
Dec. 12&13         Q2 Progress Reporting
Dec. 16                HS Band/Choir @ OHS
Jan. 23                 End Q2
Feb. 1                  Snowball Dance 
Feb. 26&27         Q3 Progress Reporting
March 3               Top Ten Banquet
March 22             Solo & Ensemble @ Ozaukee
April 4                 End Q3
April 10,11,12     Spring Play
April 14               NHS Banquet
April 26               STATE Solo/Ensemble @ UW-Milwaukee
May 8&9             Q4 Progress Reporting
May 3                  Prom
May 5                  HS Band/Choir Concert
May 12                MS Band/Choir Concert
May 17                Student Council Walk/Run
May 22                Jazz/Vocal
May 26                Memorial Day Parade
May 30                Senior Banquet
June 1                  Baccalaureate
June 3                  HS Choir Concert
June 4                  Senior Fry
June 6                  Scholarship Program 7:30 am
June 8                  Sunday Graduation
June 13                End Q4