OHS Goals.

Our school goals at OHS are focused on producing beyond expected student growth in college and career readiness as measured by Aspire/ACT scores. Hearing that goal, some may initially be concerned that we are becoming overly concerned with tests and scores, at the expense of a more well rounded educational experience. We would like to re-assure parents that we don’t think this is an “either/or situation” whatsoever, and while we are getting more focused on increasing college and career readiness, we also continue offering diverse educational experiences as well.

On a lesson by lesson basis, our teachers are working to understand the college and career readiness standards, and are designing lessons to use their course content as the vehicle to learn those skills. What we are finding is that often the college and career readiness skills provide a framework to use our content in more rigorous ways, and with more depth and application. In this way we often feel our course expectations are even better than in the past. We understand that worrying about the scores will not improve our results; students learning the critical skills at high levels is what will improve our results. Our focus is on the learning far more than scores. Scores are just summaries.

As summaries, scores do tell us what students can do, and what they cannot do, yet! For that reason, we believe our goals are focused on areas directly linked to our most fundamental purpose as a school—preparing students for success after high school on whatever road they choose. We are learning how the college and career readiness skills develop in students, and how including those skills in most of our courses can make those classes even better experiences. Therefore, it is not a choice of either a focus on scores and results or a well-rounded educational experience, our goals are focused on preparing our students with the skills necessary for future success (with scores as evidence we are doing so), while providing a diverse, high quality educational experience.

If you have any questions about our school goals, please feel free to call me at 920-564-2346 x1001.