Now is a great time to check your student’s progress.

Good morning, Parents.  

We are just under two and a half weeks from the first quarter grade reporting process.  I mention this timeline because now may be a very good time for all of us as parents to check in with our students on their progress in each of their classes, if we have not done so already.  If we do a detailed check on our children’s progress now, they still have some time–two weeks–to address any deficiencies and take corrective actions as necessary.  

Many of us as parents have found that asking our high school age children to open Infinite Campus and describe to us (and show us) their current grades to be a really productive parent/child interaction.  This is a very good way to execute this sort of a check in on their current grades because they know the background behind what can be seen in the Infinite Campus grade book.  If things seem a little vague, we can ask follow up, or more specific, questions as we review their current grades.  If we still have questions, we can call or email our children’s teachers to get clarification.  This check in can also help us as parents to coach our students on how to finish the quarter in a strong way because most classes will have substantial assessments as the end of the quarter nears.  Extra work now can have a positive impact on our children’s learning and quarter grades.

I am sure that many parents have already had a couple of these sorts of check in discussions with their children, but if we have not, this is a very good time to discuss their progress in each class, and guide them on what they should be doing between now and the end of the first quarter on November 5th.  

Have a great week.Scott