Now is a great time to check your child’s progress/grades.

Good morning, Parents.

As the semester draws to a close after the winter break, I wanted to let parents know that we will be having first semester exams on Friday, January 10th, Monday, January 13th and Tuesday, January 14th.  With about three weeks of school left in the semester, now may be a very good time for all of us as parents to check in with our students on their progress.  If we check our our children’s grades now, they have time to address any deficiencies and take corrective actions as necessary before the semester ends.

Many of us as parents have found that asking our high school age children to open Infinite Campus and describe to us (and show us) their current grades to be a really productive parenting opportunity.  Looking at the grades with our children is really effective because they have a lot of additional information to provide background to what we are seeing in the gradebook.  If we still have questions, we can call or email our children’s teachers to get clarification.  

As you may remember, I sent a very similar message to this one a couple weeks before the end of the first quarter.  Those of you who took my advice may have found it frustrating to check Infinite Campus only to find many of the grades did not appear.  When we heard about these problems, we worked to correct them and found that in the majority of cases we had to correct some settings in the software so the grades would show for parents.  Currently, I think you will find the information in Infinite Campus is much more complete.  Hopefully, fully complete.  

In my message next week, I will provide parents information about the Exam schedule and process.  

Have a great week,  Scott