Mid-Quarter Progress Conferencing with Students.

Good morning, Parents.

On October 1st and 2nd, the HS teachers will be having individual conferences with students during class to discuss progress. In past, these days were progress reporting days where teachers would write grades and very brief progress messages in each students planner to bring home for their parents to see. We realized that this was a bit of an antiquated process now that parents can track their students progress in classes in an ongoing way through Infinite Campus, so we plan to discontinue progress reporting in planners (since parents already have that information) and instead focus that time on conferencing with students to individually discuss their progress in each class.

These discussions at mid-quarter can be very productive because it allows the teacher to meet individually with each student and discuss what is going well and how the student could improve. For example, if a student is not investing the time necessary to prepare well or practice outside of class with homework, and that is having a negative impact on their performance, the teacher and student can discuss that reality and the teacher can share steps to improve the situation.

We have observed that some parents track their students progress in classes quite regularly using Infinite Campus, and many others do so only occasionally. We would encourage parents to check your children’s progress in early October because it is the midway point of the first quarter and if corrections need to be made there is still adequate time to address areas of need. This advice seems especailly timely first quarter as student study and preparation habits are still forming.

If you have concerns with your child’s progress in any class, please call or email the teacher to discuss solutions. We have consistently found that when parents and teachers discuss what is causing the poor performance, and agree on what to expect of the student, and how to support them most effectively, they are best positioned to work together to solve the problems. Please do not hesitate to contact teachers if you are concerned with your students progress. We see parents as our partners in supporting students.

Have a great week, and feel free to contact me any time as well if I can be of assistance.