Mastery and Mindset.

Good morning, Parents.  

In the roughly ten minute Ted Talk on the link below, Sal Khan describes a common sense vision that our school is working hard to put in place.  We share the fundamental beliefs that Sal describes–that all students can learn at high levels, if we focus on mastery and mindset in the learning process.  Parents can really support us by sharing this focus when talking with your children.  When you discuss your child’s progress with them, focus on the learning behind the grade, and not just the grade itself.  Ask your student, what does the grade indicate they can do, and what does it point out that they cannot do–yet.  Teachers, and students, need to know where the gaps in learning are before they can address them, and that is the most important function of assessing students.  And it is also really important that parents and teachers constantly remind students, especially when they struggle in the learning process, it is not because they do not have the right DNA, or the ability, they just need more time and support (and hard work) to address the gaps in their learning.  
Sal concludes that a mastery and mindset approach to learning may be a social imperative to prepare the next generations for the future.  We just see it as the best way to serve our students and set them up for success in the future.
I hope you have a few minutes to watch Sal Khan’s Ted Talk.
Have a great week.