Josh Cole, our new HS guidance counselor.

We want to introduce our new HS guidance counselor, Josh Cole, to you this morning, and when Josh offered to write a letter introducing himself and sharing some of his goals for the position, we felt that would be a nice way to communicate this information. Here is the letter from Mr. Cole.

Good morning parents,

My name is Josh Cole and over the last five years in the district I have served as a physical education, health and special designed physical educator. I am very proud of what I have accomplished within this role, and would not have been able to take the department to new heights without my department team which includes: Amy Antes, Ryan Ohlfs, and Steve Herzog. I feel very blessed to have worked so closely with these fine educators, who all strive to create a fun, safe, environment for our students to learn through movement. With that being said I am very excited and humbled to announce I have accepted the role as our new High School Guidance Counselor.

This position is one that requires a great deal of commitment, and with the support from my wife Mindy, and son Blake I am thrilled to accept the challenge. I wanted to take some time to highlight a few of my initial goals, and thoughts on my new role in your child’s education here at OHS. I would like to meet with all freshmen and sophomores at least once within my first year. I have aspirations of meeting with our juniors and seniors more frequently. I feel it is important that the student body feels comfortable coming to me and understands I am a great resource for them as they begin to make decisions that will greatly impact their future. I not only want each student to have an idea about what their future looks like but I want them to have a plan in place that sets them up to achieve whatever goals/dreams they may have. Our students need to be prepared for their futures whether it includes college, career or military. If your child has chosen the college or technical training route I will be here throughout their entire process to help them through the sometimes overwhelming task of the application process, financial assistance, and scholarship possibilities. If your child elects to enter the work force I will be here to help develop skills related to resumes, job-interviews, and possibly job placement. If military is your son/daughters choice I will make sure they as prepared as possible for their selected branch of service. The bottom line is I want your child to be as prepared as possible for their future and I committed to seeing them succeed. It is important to me that all students feel connected within the school setting, I will help guide students who are searching for ways to become connected to get connected. I am also looking forward to working closely with our staff here at OHS to ensure that all students are learning and moving towards being college and career ready. My door will always be open to any student that is seeking guidance and/or counseling services, and I look forward to working with students towards solutions to personal concerns. 

I am feeling very blessed to have this opportunity and I wanted you all to know I will be working with your son/daughters best interest always in mind. I want to serve as a great resource for your child throughout their high school career.

I will be completing my current responsibilities at OMS on October 22nd, and will start full time in the guidance position on October 23. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. My contact information is found below:

Phone: 920-564-2346 extension 1007 (starting October 23)