It is not too early to start thinking about exams.

Good afternoon, Parents.  
As we are in the preparation process for our fall semester exams, I thought it may be a good time to remind everyone of the reasons we re-established a formal semester exam schedule and process.  For a few years now, we have been surveying recent graduates and asking them how prepared they were for their first year out of high school.  A consistent and relatively strong theme in the responses from both college and technical college students was that they did not feel at all prepared for the demands of exams because we did not have exams in high school.  In response to this feedback over a couple of years, we re-instituted fall semester exams last year.  
From a learning perspective, we also feel having cumulative exams that review the central learning standards from the whole semester for each class is quite valuable because the process allows students to review, re-practice, and re-apply all of the concepts they learned to that point in the school year.  The exam process is not just a testing schedule, but it also includes a couple of lessons of review where the teacher guides the review process of the most important concepts taught in the first half of the school year.   The exam itself offers another opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning in the most important areas of the curriculum.  
While I will provide more details about the exam schedule after winter break, I thought parents may appreciate having the exam schedule (included in the email message) well in advance.  Honestly, I think it is unlikely that many of our students will do much studying during winter break, but I would encourage parents to discuss with their students the importance of beginning their review studying shortly after we start back in school after the holidays because the exam days themselves are very demanding.  Preparing in advance is one of the key strategies students have to learn with any exam schedule.
Again, I will share more specific details after break, and we will teach all of our students how this process works in detail.  If you have any questions about the exam schedule and process, please do not hesitate to call me at 920-564-2346 x 4001.  
Have a wonderful holiday season,Scott