Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Dear Parents,

Just last week, we completed the third phase of our transition from our old student information system (MIG) to our new system (Infinite Campus). The first phase involved transferring student/parent/guardian data (which included addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) into the new system. The second phase of our transition involved creating classes, courses, and homeroom information. The third phase included attaching students to these classes, establishing a schedule, and creating rosters for every homeroom. One of our final steps is to ensure that parents are able to access their child’s attendance, schedules, and grade information through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You will be sent a letter this week that includes your unique login information in order to access the Campus Portal. When you receive this letter, please take the time to log in, create a new password, and explore the parent portal website. We are very excited for this increased level of communication between the school and parents and we look forward to a higher level of communication. We ask that you update your phone numbers, contact information, address changes, emergency contacts and all of that can be done through the parent portal. If you don’t receive a letter next week, please contact either Bryce DeRoos (x1151) or Lucas Allen (x2120) and they will get you your parent login information right away.

On another topic, next week—September 15-19—is Homecoming week at Oostburg High School. The week will be full of fun activities for students and many opportunities to demonstrate their school spirit and support one another. Friday, September 19th will be Homecoming Day, and we would ask parents to support us in expecting students to be in class at least until 10:30—after which necessary preparations for the parade and pep rally can commence. Staging for the parade will begin at 12:00 with the parade commencing at 12:30. Students not involved in Band, Student Council, or other necessary preparations for the parade and pep rally will be released from class at 12:30. The band will be released from class at 12:00. The pep rally will follow the parade and begin shortly after 1:00 in the HS gym.

Have a great week,