HS Updates.

Good morning, Parents.  

Spring has been a very busy time for many of our high school students.  In the last couple of weeks we have had our musicians at the State Solo/Ensemble event at UWM, and our Forensics team at the State competition in Madison.  Our ROV team competed this past weekend in Milwaukee, and our vocal music students returned from a successful trip to Minneapolis about a week ago.  Some of our best artists were involved in the Big East art show at the Rahr West in Manitowoc a few weeks back.  All of our students involved in Advance Placement classes are diligently preparing for their challenging AP tests in early May, and we also have quite a few students involved in applying, interviewing and getting placed with local companies with the Youth Apprentice program.  And, of course, our seniors are certainly very busy as the get their future plans in place and prepare for graduation.  Spring is an exciting time, and the school year will come to an end before we know it.  
On another topic, we would like parents to know that the scheduling process for next year is progressing smoothly.  It is always our goal to get students their schedules for next year a week or two before the end of the school year to allow for any necessary changes that need to occur before this school year ends.  This is important because it allows us to start the school year next fall in a much more organized manner.  At this point we feel confident that we will have schedules in the hands of students by the end of May.  
Finally, and most importantly, we would once again like to thank the Oostburg Community Education Foundation (OCEF), and everyone who supports OCEF, for funding grants at the high school for a digital camera ($600) for our Flying Dutch Media class, and a digital drawing tablet ($1500) for our new Architecture class.  These gifts from OCEF will enhance our students learning and provide them better equipment as they produce the yearbook, create social media communications, and complete design assignments in Architecture next year.  
Enjoy the beautiful spring weather,