HS Students Scheduling for next year.

Good morning, Parents.

The weather report suggests that today is going to feel very much like spring, so it makes some sense that we will be progressing with one of our major spring tasks, and that is to register students for classes for the next school year. We have spent the last month or so preparing changes we wish to make, and we have also been working with the Middle School to coordinate our schedules as it relates to teachers that we share. Having registration meetings this week allows us to have enough time to get all of the student request data into Infinite Campus before spring break, which in turn will allow our guidance department a full quarter to build a master schedule and prepare individual student schedules before the school year ends. We always have the goal of giving students their schedules for next year before this school year ends. This allows us to make corrections that may be necessary before the next school year begins.

At the high school, we will be offering a few new classes that we would like to make parents aware of as well. (We introduce these classes and describe them to the students at the scheduling meetings.) In the Business department, Ms. Immel will be offering an Economics class which will be a bit more of an academic offering and it will also qualify as a social studies credit. We will also be adding a sizeable component to our former Yearbook class that will broaden the class to include marketing as well as producing the school yearbook. This class will be co-taught by Lisa Immel and Erica Wray (our technology integration specialist). In our math department we will be offering Exploring Computer Science which will be both a math and computer science class and will be taught by Gwen Pribek. As a math class, this class is designed as a more hands on alternative to Algebra 2, but we also think it will be an attractive alternative for students interested in IT careers. In the Tech. Ed. department, we will be offering a new Dutchmen Enterprising class that will be focused on manufacturing, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class that is designed as a more hands on Science class and will be co-taught by Colette Veldhorst and Robert Boenisch, and we have combined Woods and Metals into one class so we can provide more options and that class is called Manufacturing Processes. And finally, we will be offering a Theatre class taught by Tricia Lutze as an additional elective.

We ask students to register for classes in two ways. First, they go online and select classes right in Infinite Campus, and they also complete a paper course selection form where they are asked to get teacher recommendations for underlined classes and have their parents sign the form to make sure you are involved in the process. You may notice that on the top of the form, we have asked students to provide information about their career choices and post-high school plans. We really think this information is critical for you and your child to consider in the course selection process. As a student gets to be a sophomore and junior, they should know what the post-high school program they plan to enter requires for admission. Questions such as does the technical training program you are interested in require a certain ACT score in math? (Most require a math composite score of 18 to be admitted without remedial coursework in advance.) Does your college program require a foreign language? Some do, some don’t, often based on the type of degree a student is seeking. What classes can I take in high school that will give me advanced standing or college credit that will both save you money and time in your post-high school programs? We have found that families that are willing to engage in discussions and guide their students in learning about their future plans in a detailed way are able to do considerably better at preparing for those choices. Too often in the past these decisions were being considered far too late (as seniors), when numerous opportunities to prepare, and save time and money, had already passed. Parents, please understand that the lines between high school and post high school programs are far more blurred than when we went to school. Opportunities to take dual credit courses and that apply to college or technical school programs have dramatically increased and it looks like this trend will continue. Failing to take advantage of these outstanding opportunities can cost students considerably.

We would like to have all of our student course requests entered into Infinite Campus, and have their completed course registration forms turned in to the guidance office before Spring Break. That means our due date for all students is March 27th. If students or parents have any questions in the registration process, please feel free to contact either Josh Cole or Scott Greupink at 564-2346 any time.

Enjoy the beautiful day, and sorry for this very long message.



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