HS principal’s message.

Good morning, Parents.

I want to share a short story from an article in the National Federation of High School Sports publication as a little reminder for all of us, myself included.  If it is not too late to add this to our list of New Year’s resolutions, I would encourage all Dutchmen fans to consider adding this resolution to your list in 2020.  

“The scene is a crisp Friday evening in the fall.  The local high school football team is playing a tightly-contested game against the archrival.  Trailing by five points in the waning minutes, the running back takes a pitch from the quarterback and finds an opening in the defense.  With a quick burst of speed, he’s in the open field.  

A father of one of the players, and the rest of the crowd, raise to their feet in anticipation as the back breaks away with a clear path to the end zone and erupts as he crosses the goal line.  Pandemonium ensues as the father high-fives those nearby, swelling with pride as the school band fires up the school song.  However, the crowd is silenced when the referee signals that a penalty has nullified the touchdown.  The joy on the part of the parent instantly turns to intense anger.  

Without thinking, the parent starts berating the officials at the top of his lungs, the volume and choice of words turning heads in the crowd.  Soon, the parent realizes he succumbed to the emotional peaks and valleys of being a parent spectator, which caused him to embarrass himself, his school and most importantly, his son.  

Similar scenarios happen all to often in communities across the country, proving it is no easy task to be a parent at an event.  For parents, watching their son or daughter succeed or fail in such an unpredictable landscape provides a wide range of emotions that can be very difficult to manage.”

Have you ever experienced that sort of intense emotional reaction at one of our ballgames?  I will admit that I have, but I also think it is important to remind each other that we have school sports programs because we believe these experiences can provide a training ground for our children to learn things like emotional control under stressful conditions.  I don’t think we will ever be perfect, but I do think we have to work hard as parents, adults and role models to try to set the best example that we can in terms of sportsmanship and how we treat others in these emotional situations.

I think we are going to have a lot of enjoyable events to watch this winter and spring, and some of them may get intense and emotional, and I hope we can all do our part to set a mature example of how to control our emotions under pressure.  

Have a great weekend.Scott