HS Course Registration Forms are due on Friday, March 22nd.

Good morning, Parents.
With exactly one week left before spring break, it is a good time to remind you to remind your high school aged children to turn in their course registration forms.  The forms are due this Friday, March 22nd and they can be turned in to Mr. Cole or me.  Since the registration form also requires your signature as a parent, please take a little time to review your child’s course requests in light of their career plans, and have a discussion about which classes will best prepare them for their futures.  If your child is avoiding classes that would play an important role in their preparation, please intervene.  
As I stated in an earlier email, Mr. Cole and I are strongly encouraging all of our juniors and seniors who are planning to go to college to take an AP class to test their academic skills and work habits in the context of college course expectations.  We feel this is an extremely important step in the complete preparation of any student before they head off to college, and we certainly hope you will support this expectation as parents as well.  There will be one change with Advanced Placement (AP) courses this year that I should make parents and students aware of in advance.  The AP program will now require students to register for the exams in the fall rather than waiting until spring.  They have studied this change and have reported to us that when students register early in the school year it leads to higher success rates on the test, presumably because the early registration increases student commitment to working hard and learning from the beginning of the class. 
I hope all of our students and families have a relaxing and enjoyable spring break.