How much does your child know about their future after high school?

Good morning, Parents.

Most of us who teach in the Oostburg School District recognize that this community is one of the best places we could possibly be spending our careers because the kids are great, and parents are involved and supportive. Having said that, we often think that we could do a better job of partnering with parents in specific ways. When we do partner with parents, we really like the results, but too often we don’t find ways to intentionally work together.

One area I feel we could work together considerably more to support our students is on the issue of exploring and narrowing down each students future plans following high school. Many students seem to shy away from working to figure out what they want to do in the future, probably because it is uncertain and a little scary. However, if we want to effectively prepare students for their futures, having direction about what their futures include is critical. We are clearly seeing that students who are willing to spend time exploring careers (researching and learning about the career, what training it requires, what the training programs require for admittance, shadowing someone in that career, and so on), are as a result beginning to see their high school classes as much more important in the preparation process. These students are more motivated because they see how their high school classes will prepare them for a future they care about personally.

I am aware of a student, who as a junior concluded that she wanted to go into a radiology program at a specific tech. school. She took time to research what the requirements are for admission to that program and she was surprised by the high entrance requirements. However, knowing the admission requirements motivated her to take more challenging classes as a senior to prepare for a rather demanding entrance exam. Without those classes, she would have had a very difficult time passing the entrance exam. She also purchased materials so that she could prepare directly for the entrance exam. If this young lady would not have actively researched and learned about her post high school plans as well as she did, she would probably not have worked as hard as a senior to prepare, and she would not have positioned herself nearly as well to earn admittance to her desired training program. Instead she may have found out too late that she was unprepared for the training program of her choice.

As teachers, we see very clearly that when students have direction regarding their futures, even as early as their freshmen year in school, they view their classes as more important and purposeful than those who do not have any direction for their futures. We are doing as much as we can to encourage and support career and training program exploration by students as early as possible. We would encourage all parents to work with us, ask your students questions, have discussions about their futures, and expect them to take action to explore possible interests for their futures.

When students have a plan for the future, they are more motivated in their current preparation. This is an area were parents and teachers can definitely work together to support our students.

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