Homecoming Week

Good afternoon, Parents.

It seems too early in the school year to be diving into Homecoming Week, but here we go. I am sure many of you have noticed that Homecoming week, and all of its activities, is a really exciting and fun time for our students. As teachers, we think it is our job this week to both enjoy it with students, and insist on running productive classrooms. That can be a bit of a struggle at times, but we must demand that quality learning is a part of this week. We would appreciate any support parents can give us at home by reminding your children that it is great to enjoy the week fully, but they also need to attend to their jobs as students. Our teachers will not be taking the week off instructionally, so if students do so they will be falling behind and/or missing deadlines. Please help us to reinforce this important message to students during Homecoming Week.

I am also assuming parents would appreciate a bit more information about the activities of the week. Monday evening the student council will host the “Powder Puff Football” and “Powder Buff Volleyball” events. Friday, Homecoming Day, will include the parade beginning at 12:30 starting at HS parking lot and circling toward the Bank on Center Ave. and back to the school on 6th St. Following the Parade, HS/MS students and community members will gather in the HS gym for the Homecoming Pep Rally from roughly 1:15-2:30. The football game will begin at 7:00 pm on Kohlbeck Field v. Cedar Grove. And finally, the Homecoming Dance will be held on Saturday night from 8:30-11:30 pm in the HS Cafeteria.

Friday’s Class Schedule
Lunch and Homeroom
11:35-12:30 Band released at 12:00.

We hope all of our students will have a safe and enjoyable Homecoming Week.