Homecoming Court

Students and Parents,

Late last school year we began discussing possible changes to homecoming court with our new Student Council advisers (Ms. Immel and Mrs. Navis), and over time we also had discussions with the varsity football players most immediately impacted by any potential changes. As we discussed new ideas, I shared our plans in a district-wide blog which spurred some conversations with parents as well.  Our hope in talking with the football players and being open with students and parents through the blog was that we wanted to understand many perspectives in ultimately coming to a solution. While I tried not to overstate it, my biggest concern was that we were not selecting boys and girls in the same manner.  While this is an issue that involves tradition, we do not believe it is appropriate, so I asked the Student Council advisers to develop a plan to correct the situation.

The Student Council plan for the selection of homecoming court is a two-step phased in plan in an attempt to be as fair as possible with the senior football players who are impacted most immediately.  This year the homecoming court will be comprised of four football players, one boy cross country runner, and one boy soccer player, as well as two girl cross country runners, 2 volleyball players, and two dance team members.  Each of these team representatives will be seniors and will be selected by their teams based on a set of criteria developed by the Student Council.  After the teams have selected their representatives for the court, the entire student body will vote and the boy and girl with the highest vote tallies will be crowned King and Queen.  In the second year of the transition, the court will move toward greater balance in representation of the boys fall sports teams.  We will also be making some similar adjustments to the procedures around Snowball Court because there too we need to select the boys and girls in same manner.

We know changing longstanding traditions can be difficult and we know good people can have very different perspectives on the same issue.  We hope students and parents understand our motivations behind these changes, and also perceive our desire to be reasonable.

Have a great week.