Growth Mindset article linked below.

Growth mindset is one of the most central beliefs that I have as an educator and as a parent. I believe it is a huge factor in student success, and success in life. It is a belief I want to teach my sons to very large degrees. I also believe growth mindset is critical to fuel motivation in students, something that often determines the level of success our students achieve. It is nearly impossible to be an on-going learner—student or adult—if you have not developed growth mindset in significant proportions.

I hope, and believe, that growth mindset is also a growing part of our culture in the Oostburg School District. In fact, I would argue it is critical if we want to have great schools where all students learn at high levels. While I think it is a strongly held belief by many of us as parents and educators, I do think we could do more as both parents and teachers to teach this perspective overtly to young people. This is certainly an area where teachers and parents can work together.

I hope the article link below will support our parents and new teachers in understanding a topic we have spent considerable time as a faculty learning about in the past. I know every time I read another article about growth mindset, the ideas and implications seem to sink in a bit deeper for me. I would encourage anyone who finds the article below interesting to read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset.

Hope you had a great holiday season, and Happy New Year.

PS—It was suggested several times in the “School/Home Communication Survey” responses that the weekly principal’s email blast contain a calendar of events for the week. This seems like a very good suggestion. Thanks.

January ’15
Students—Welcome Back!
Student of the Month Celebration—2:30  (Congratulations—Jacob Gross, Miranda
Mondloch and Claire Burns )
WR@ Elkhart Lake-7:00 pm
Boy’s BB@0zaukee
Girl’s BB@ Random Lake

Application deadline for February 7th ACT test.

WR@ New London-9:30 am
Boy’s BB v. Sheb. Christian@ home.