End of the school year information.

Good morning, Parents.

For our seniors, this week will be a busy, and hopefully fun, week as they wrap up their careers at OHS.  During the next three days, they will very likely be taking exams or finishing projects to complete the semester.  They will enjoy the senior picnic on Thursday afternoon, celebrate the achievements of their class at the Scholarship Program on Friday morning, and participate in Commencement Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  We are really looking forward to enjoying this last week with seniors as they prepare to graduate, and we certainly hope it will be a week full of positive memories.  

During the week after the seniors have graduated, the remainder of our students will be finishing their courses and wrapping up the school year.  We want parents to know that while we do have exams for 9-11 grades students at the end of the year, many of our students will have earned opt-outs for some, or even all, of those exams.  We use exam opt-outs as incentives to ensure that our students will do well on the State tests, so if they score at a benchmark level or show solid growth, they earn exam opt-outs in the associated classes.  Our students have typically invested a lot of effort and determination on the ACT/Aspire tests and this has played a big role in our success in that area.  Therefore, we are pleased that they earned the end of the year exam opt-outs as a result.  In the process, they have also demonstrated either mastery or significant progress on some of the most important learning in their classes as well.  

While many of our 9-11 grade students will have earned opt-outs, we will not have open campus during the spring semester exams.  Your students will either stay in class during the exam process, or they will be allowed to go to the library/cafeteria to prepare for other exams or complete end of the year projects.  We do not have open campus at the end of the year because we know that keeping students at school provides a much greater likelihood that they will spend their extra time wisely and complete the year in a more thorough manner.    

We hope all of our students have a great end to their school year, and a safe and enjoyable summer.