Detention Emails to Parents

Good morning, Parents.

I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break.  I’m guessing it is difficult for all of us to get our heads around the idea that while spring break is behind us, winter is apparently not.  Like most years, we will have to patiently await spring’s arrival.
We want to try enhancing our communication with parents in the final quarter of this school year by providing automatic emails to parents when students get detention.  Our real goal is not only to keep parents informed in a timely way, but also to open lines of communication so we can work together to resolve the issue or fix the problem going forward.  It is no secret that we have consistently found that when teachers and parents work together, solutions are much more effective and lasting.  This reality has consistently taught us to that parents are very valuable partners in overcoming even minor issues with our students and your children.

Starting next Monday, if your high school aged child gets a detention, you will get an email.  The email will be automatically generated by Infinite Campus and will be very brief.  It will tell you the detention was either for academic reasons (likely missing or very low quality work) or behavioral reasons (most likely disruptive behaviors or disrespectful actions toward others).  The email will also tell you which teacher issued the detention.  It is our hope that this information will keep parents a bit more informed and will allow you to have a discussion with your child about the situation so you can guide them in resolving it positively.  In many cases, we would also encourage parents to either call the teacher or send them an email if you wish to know more about the situation.  In some cases where teachers feel your assistance will be especailly helpful, they will also call you to follow up on the email message.
We would welcome your feedback as we begin using this tool so that we can make it as valuable for you as possible.  We certainly hope these brief messages will provide you timely information that you find helpful.
Have a great week.  I hope you did not put your snowblowers in storage over spring break.