Course registration begins next week.

Good morning, Parents.  

Next week Mr. Cole and I will begin the course registration process for next year with meetings with each class.  The juniors will meet on Monday, March 4th.  The sophomores on Tuesday, March 5th.  And the freshmen on Wednesday, March 6th.  At each meeting we will guide students through the registration process and answer questions.  The registration form also requires a parent signature because we want to ensure that all of our students are talking with their parents about their choice of classes. 

We would  like to ask parents to assist us in really having a career focused approach to the registration process with your child by discussing with them what classes will best prepare them for their futures.  Sometimes students struggle to see high school as a time of preparation for their futures and it is very helpful if all of the adults around them share how their choices of high school classes can set them up for greater success in the future.  With the idea of making this connection between future career plans and the course registration process really clear for students and parents we have each student begin the registration form by identifying their career plans at this point in time.  The classes students take should certainly make sense in the context of those future plans.  

I also want parents to know that Mr. Cole and I are going to strongly encourage all of our juniors and seniors who are planning to go to college to take at least one Advanced Placement (AP) class.  We are proud of the fact that about 35% of our students are currently taking AP classes because that is uncommon at most high schools, but we also have to recognize that typically we have 60-65% of our graduates going to college.  National statistics would indicate that just over half of the freshmen who enter college annually end up graduating with a degree, and we must assume that some of our graduates are part of those unfortunate realities.  While we are glad to have our students go on to college if that is what their career interests demand, we are also troubled that nearly half of them may end up quitting college, and instead go into the workforce or to technical school, but unfortunately after accumulating $10,000-30,000 dollars of debt.  We believe a quality academic career planning program will help us reduce this unfortunate situation for our students, maybe by helping them see that technical school is a great option right out of high school or by being more driven to complete college because their career goals are more real and clear to them.  We also believe that if our college bound students challenge themselves with college level coursework while in high school with AP classes, they will have a much better understanding about whether they will be successful in college.  

In our surveys of recent graduates, we have asked college freshmen and sophomores if they were prepare for the academic demands of college.  We have consistently heard that those who took AP classes in high school report that they were prepared for college level coursework, while those who did not take AP classes report that they did not feel fully prepared. Many even respond that they should have taken AP classes in order to be not only more prepared, but also more confident in their ability to do college level academic work.  

Parents, thank you in advance for the mature guidance you can provide your children in the registration process.  Please help your children see that the classes they take next year is an important part of their preparation for their future careers.  
Have a great week,Scott