Congratulations to the OHS Band!

Good morning, Parents.

I would like to share two tidbits of information with you this morning.

1. The Workbound program is sponsoring an educational presentation on the topic of “Developing Confidence and Self- Motivation.” The promotional materials ask students: Want to learn to speak with a great amount of confidence? Be able to deliver dynamic presentations? Learn how to self-motivate yourself? Then the Art of Small Talk event is for you! Charlie Krebs of Lakeland College will conduct a FREE seminar at Oostburg High School on Monday, April 14th at 5:30 P.M.

Charlie Krebs is a professor of Theatre and Communication, and is the Director of Theatre at Lakeland College. He is an established motivational speaker who specializes in interpersonal communication. Charlie can help you learn that confidence is a choice, that the way we think is the blueprint for who we become, and that we already know how to motivate ourselves. Charlie’s presentations are engaging, educational, and enjoyable.

If you are interested in attending the program, please call Kris DeBruine or the OHS office to reserve a spot.

2.  I would like to congratulate the OHS Band for their impressive results in Stevens Point this weekend. For the first time in about twenty years, our band took on a Class A piece of music and scored a first place. Taking on a Class A piece of music is really challenging, and being successful at that level could only happen with great senior leadership and support of the younger band members, as well as a real willingness on the part of our younger band students to struggle with expectations musically that may be well beyond their current skill levels and comfort levels. The hard work of the band to take on the challenge of this rigorous piece of music and perform so well is something we are very proud of as a school. Congratulations to Mrs. Mueller and all of the OHS band members.

Have a great week, and good luck to everyone involved in the Spring Play!