Congratulations OHS Students.

Good morning, Parents.  

I want to personally congratulate our students, and you as their parents, on their recent growth and success measured by the State ACT test.  I would also like to thank all of our teachers for pushing our students, and for supporting their learning and growth in this important area.  We think there is solid evidence that we are getting uncommon results on the ACT and Aspire tests because of our shared focus on teaching the College and Career Readiness Standards.  

I wanted to share some results with you to illustrate just how well our students are doing as a group.  I should start by reminding you that every one of our students takes the State ACT test.  We believe it is critical to focus our goals on preparing all students for the future of their choice, and we measure our own success based on the rate of growth of all of our students.  As their scores increase, we recognize that they are building more and more academic skills that are directly connected with future success in college, in technical school, and in the workforce.  The College and Career Readiness Standards are not just college academic standards, they also represent academic skills that are critical for our students going directly into the workforce in today’s high tech. marketplace.  These academic skills equip all of our students for greater success in their careers, regardless of the path they choose personally.  

This past year the Big East Conference schools ranked in the following places among all of the school districts in the State of Wisconsin’s.  I think these results clearly illustrate that our students are doing an outstanding job learning these valuable academic skills. 

The State of Wisconsin District Rankings of Big East Schools:  #1, #7(Oostburg), #66, #85, #118, #135, #140, #243, #254, #299.  

Please ask your student about their own growth and progress in this area and remind them that hard work in school really pays off.  The skills they develop in high school will continue to pay off in their future success.
Congratulations OHS students on your impressive growth.