Class of 2020 ties (and breaks) previous ACT records.

Good morning, Parents.
I am very pleased to report that while we did not meet our goal of an average composite ACT score for our juniors on the State test of 23.8, our juniors did produce an impressive score of 23.6.  This score ties our highest average composite scores dating as far back as 1996.  The class of 1997 scored 23.6 with 56% of that class taking the ACT, and the class of 2005 scored a 23.6 composite average with 78% of the class taking the ACT.  The current juniors, the class of 2020 scored a 23.6 with 100% of the class taking the ACT, which has been required since the ACT became the State test in 2016.  It is worth noting that if only 78% of the class of 2020 took the ACT this year as was the case in 2005, this group of students would have scored about 25.5, nearly two points higher than our best score ever.  We also had record setting scores in the areas of English and Science where our juniors scored 24.32 and 24.15 respectively.  These were the highest scores ever in these two areas according to our records.  

Similarly, I would like to share two important statistics that I believe illustrate that we have a strong desire to have success with all of our students.  Only 7% of the class of 2020 are in the bottom 20th percentile nationally and 34% of the juniors have scored above the 80th percentile.  

While we don’t have a State ranking of scores for all 428 districts in the State yet, we can make some estimates.  It looks like our score of 23.6 will place us comfortably in the top ten districts in the State.  At this point we are guessing we will fall in the 5th to 7th range based on previous year’s rankings.  It is also worth noting that the other schools in the top ten in the State are rather consistently schools representing very affluent communities.  (Whitefish Bay, Mequon, Elmbrook, Kohler, Cedarburg, Shorewood, Arrowhead, and Middleton for example.)  This makes sense because their is a very high correlation between a school communities socioeconomic status levels and their ACT scores.  We are proud to rank with these wealthy suburban community schools because our students are over-performing on an important test.  Additionally, the schools in the top ten ACT rankings also tend to be much higher spending districts than Oostburg so we are proud that we are getting uncommon results in that context as well.  

We are really proud of our students and all of the teachers in the district who are working hard together to improve these important results.