Career Planning, together.

Good afternoon, Parents.

Recently, I have become reacquainted with the principles that Jim Collins shared in his book, Good to Great, which I initially read over twenty years ago, but have rediscovered because Collins recently did some additional study of social sector organizations such as schools.  We were particularly interested in what he has learned as we work to apply his principles to our efforts to improve as a school.  

I would like to share a quote from his recent monograph that I think also applies to the work we are trying to do our students in their career planning.  All of us as parents want our children to find careers that really fit their interests, aptitudes, and talents.  We want our children to find a career that they will not only like and find rewarding, but also a career that they can be very successful in doing.  We have learned from working with students in career planning, and doing our Student Led Conferences, that many times students would rather avoid these important questions than struggle with them to find really good answers.  We think that is where parents and mentors can work together to push students to explore, learn and plan around one of the bigger questions in their lives. 

In the quote quote, Jim Collins was really speaking about organization’s missions and goals, but I would like to invite you to read it from the perspective of our children’s career exploration this afternoon.
“Everyone would like to be great, but most lack the discipline to figure out what they can be great at, and to do the things necessary to produce great results.  Moving toward greatness requires confronting the brutal facts of our realities, and a willingness to struggle with difficult questions in an effort to find the best answers to take us forward.”  

Finding the right career can be difficult, scary and off-putting for most students, but as the adults in their lives, it is our job to help them exercise the discipline necessary to do so thoughtfully and not just let life happen to them.  We would like to thank all of the parents of freshmen and sophomores who will be taking part in Student Led Conferences tonight and tomorrow for their time and assistance in this important process.  I hope this is an area where parents and mentors can really work together well to support your children’s career exploration and planning because it is one of the biggest decisions of their lives, and it really needs to be done well.
Thanks, Scott