April 13th ACT.

Dear Parents,

We are sending a second message this week because there is some time sensitive information many families may wish to consider. The main purpose of this message is to encourage all sophomores and juniors to take the ACT on Saturday, April 13th. To do so, however, you need to register by this Friday, March 8th. Registration information is listed below.

The reason we are encouraging sophomores and juniors to take the April ACT is because we have found in watching the results of our students over the years, that students who take the ACT several times frequently improve their scores 2-3 points based on experience alone. We feel the optimal approach is to take the ACT at least three times beginning in the Spring of a student’s sophomore year. They would then take the ACT a second time in the fall of their junior year, and a third time in the Spring of their junior year. Experience taking the ACT has proven to be a factor of some significance in showing an improvement of a couple of points, and those points can make a considerable difference financially as the students apply to college and for scholarships.  

Just to clarify, we are also planning on giving all of the sophomores the PLAN test on Wednesday, April 17th. While that is highly connected to the ACT, that does not change our advice about gaining experience with the ACT. We are also more focused on the April 13th test than the later June 8th test because we have found that with the great weather in early June, our students tend to be more in “summer mode” and they don’t perform as well that late in the spring. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply or give me a call at 920-564-2346.

Sincerely, Scott Greupink

Spring 2013 ACT Test Dates

April 13, 2013 (Registration Deadline = March 8, 2013)
June 8, 2013 (Registration Deadline = May 3, 2013)


1. ACT Test Only = $35.00

2. ACT Test + Writing Portion = $50.50 (UW Madison is currently the only school in the state that REQUIRES the writing test, although several other do recommend it). To find out if the school the student is interested in recommends taking the writing portion please click “Writing Test Option” on the left hand navigation on the home page. 

How to register:

1. Go to www.ACTstudent.org

2. Click the “Sign up/ Log In” button on the main page and proceed to the registration page.

3. Click the “Create Account” button and follow the questions to complete the registration.

What you will need to register:

1. OHS School Code = 501710

2. Test Center Code – the student must decide and select the location they would like to test at:

· UW Sheboygan – 046950

· Sheboygan North – 213080

3. A photo id/picture. It is required for registration as a way for the testing location to verify the student’s identification on the day of the test.

4. A Credit Card – at the end of the registration process the student will need to pay the fee to complete the registration. 

Please note: At the end of the registration process the student will need to print out their ticket to bring to the test center on the day of the test, along with a photo ID. If they do not have both of these items, they will NOT be able to test.