Advanced Placement Success at OHS.

Good afternoon, Parents.

The Wisconsin Advanced Placement (AP) Advisory Council’s Pacesetter Award sets their standard for the highest level of recognition for high schools at 30% or more of the class taking at least one AP test, with 70% passing.  This was a level of achievement that only 17 Wisconsin high schools achieved with 2017 graduates.

Our graduating class of 2018 had 76 students, 27 of which took at least one AP test (35.5%).  Twenty of these students passed at least one test, so 74% of students taking tests passed. Broken down a bit further, we had 20 graduates who passed a total of 48 AP tests. Some students passed as many as 4 or 5 tests.  Furthermore, we had an overall AP test pass rate of 86%.   This is a remarkably high pass rate on college level coursework.

Beyond reaching the highest designation for AP Course success in our school, there may still be some room for improvement but it may take additional support from parents.  Last year we had 62% of our graduates plan on going to college, so with only 35.5% of those testing themselves with college level academic standards, we still have 27% of our college bound students who have not challenged themselves at the college level while in high school.  Some of those students have taken AP classes, but opted not to take the tests because they felt unprepared for the high standards.  We want to continue to encourage all students who plan to attend college to take at least one AP class and test as part of their high school preparation.  Parents, if you have a child who plans to go to college, please talk to them about the importance of preparing for college by taking on college level coursework with an AP class while in high school.  Nothing will give them more confidence about their ability to be successful in college than proving they can do college level work on an AP test.  For the most ambitions students academically, there is the opportunity to earn in excess of 30 college credits via AP courses and other dual enrollment courses here at OHS.  These students have the ability to set themselves up to graduate from college in three years because of the college coursework they have completed while in high school.

The fact that we had an 86% pass rate on all AP tests with our class of 2018 students provides some pretty strong evidence that these classes are extremely well instructed.  We would love to see all of our college bound students take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible as they prepare for their futures.  If you have questions about Advanced Placement courses at OHS, please call me at (920) 564-2346 x4001.

Have a great week.