ACT Testing Day Reminders.

Next Tuesday, March 9th is the State ACT testing day–which includes a full ACT test for our freshmen, sophomores and juniors–and we also hold our Senior Led Conferences which are focused on each senior’s transition process after high school.  All students will have to be on-site for the ACT testing.

Our juniors will be taking the State ACT test beginning at 7:25 in Mrs. Hansen’s, Mr. Ketterhagen’s, Mrs. Komperda’s and Mrs. Leidall’s rooms.  Please bring several pencils and a graphing calculator if possible.  (We can provide calculators for students as well, but if students have a graphing calculator it is helpful.)  The schedule for the morning will be as follows:

7:25-12:00    ACT Testing:
                        Instructions, seating, phone and calculator checks 15 min.        
                        English 45 min.
                        Math 60 min.
                        Break 15 min.
                        Reading 35 min.
                        Science 35 min.
                        Break 5 min. in the testing rooms.
                        Writing 40 min.

 The juniors will be released from school at about 12:15.

The freshmen and sophomores will follow the same schedule and will need to bring the same materials–several pencils and a graphing calculator if possible.  The sophomores will be testing in the cafeteria and library, while the freshmen will be in the Multi-Ed room.  When the testing is complete for freshmen and sophomores they will be released to lunch at about 12:00, and then we will have shortened classes in the afternoon for 9th and 10th graders with the following schedule.

Afternoon Schedule for Fr. and Soph’s.
Block 5—12:30-1:00
Block 6—1:05-1:30
Block 7—1:35-2:00
Block 8—2:05-2:30

Our seniors will be reporting to school on Tuesday morning at 7:25 for the Senior Led Conference process.  This process is designed to guide and support them with some critical steps each senior needs to take to transition from high school to the next phase of their lives.  Each senior will get a script  sent to them by Mr. Cole today, and they can begin completing it any time they would like.  Preparing in advance may save you time on Tuesday, but please recognize that you will be required to put in an hour of prep on Tuesday morning so it would also be wise to leave a little work for that time as well.  When your script is complete, seniors can present their scripts in a sort of audit style process where you show evidence that specific actions are complete.  We learned last year that it would be wise to bring the seniors in two waves so that there would be less wait time when they are ready to present.  Therefore, we want seniors with last names beginning with A-M to report to school at 7:30 and begin presenting at 8:30, while those seniors with last names beginning with N-Z report at 9:00 and begin presenting at 10:00.  Seniors will be assigned to rooms 102, 104, 106 or 108 for preparation and will present to either Mr. Cole, Mr. Greupink or Mr. Bruggink.  Since audit items are required to complete the presentation, it will be wise for seniors to make sure they review the script in advance and bring the necessary evidence items to school on Tuesday morning.