A post high school preparation story.

Good morning, Parents.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing spring break, and are now ready to have a productive final quarter of the school year.

I want to share a story this morning of one of our seniors because it illustrates just how important it is to actively explore career and post high school plans well before the final year of high school.

Late in her sophomore year, this particular student registered for our Medical Terminology class because she seemed to have a vague interest in a medical related field of some sort. As she began the Medical Terminology class early in her junior year, she became even more interested in this field and more focused as well. Sometime during the first semester, after doing a bit of exploring of opportunities, she got really interested in the area of ultrasound. She continued her exploration about this career and the training required, and in December of her junior year, she went with her parents to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay to an informational meeting about their ultrasound program.

At the information meeting, she learned that entrance into the program required grades of B or higher in Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Algebra 2. She was not planning on taking physics, so this information definitely changed her plans for scheduling classes as a senior. She also learned that she needed ACT sub scores of 18 in Math, and 21’s in Reading and English. She learned that there was a mandatory 4 hour job shadow required, and she would have to take the HESI exam in May of her senior year. Before they left NWTC, she purchased the HESI textbook so that she could study over the next year and a half in preparation for this exam. When she takes the exam in May, she will also have to write a 1000 word essay that basically outlines why she is a great candidate for the ultrasound program based on the preparations she has made to this point in her education. Besides studying regularly for the HESI exam, she has also been writing and memorizing her response to this essay question for the last few months.

There is no doubt that this particular story illustrates just how important it is to begin planning with your children for their careers and post high school training early in their high school experience. If this young lady would not have been intentional about looking into her career and the required training program early in her junior year, she would not have been able to position herself as well, be anywhere near as prepared, and set herself up for success in getting into this program right after high school. Too many of our students over the years have concluded that planning for the future can be done during their senior year of high school, but stories such as this clearly demonstrate that approach is far too late.

I hope this story helps parents to see how critical it is to begin discussing career interests early in your children’s high school years. Beginning to develop some focus based on research, job shadowing, and exploring are critical during the sophomore year for many students.

Have a great week,

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