2018-19 Attendance Honor Roll

Good afternoon, Parents.  
I hope you and your families had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend to complete a really great summer.  From our perspective, it is nice to have our students back in school and we look forward to a really good school year.  
I wanted to use my first message of the year to celebrate something that I feel is very important–student attendance.  Our goals as a district are to do an uncommonly good job of preparing students for their futures, and of course, much of that falls in the area of building academic skills.  However, I hope we would all agree that as our students, and your children, proceed with their lives after high school, the life habits they have developed along the way will very likely play a pretty prominent role in their success.  Employers certainly want to hire skilled and talented employees, but if the people they hire don’t have strengths in the area of attendance consistency the value they add to the company is eroded substantially.  
In order to try to communicate to students the importance of a life habit like consistent attendance, we have decide to celebrate the success of the students who are producing great results in this area as a way to encourage more students to build these important and positive habits.  The Attendance Honor Roll published below is comprised of 81 students who limited their absences last school year to 3 days or less.  This group represents about 25% of our student body, and we are proud of the fact that they have produced a quality attendance record and built the life habits associated with those results.  Congratulations in your success in developing this important life skill.  We believe this habit will pay huge dividends in your success, regardless of your career choices in the years to come.  
Parents, please discuss the value of consistent attendance with your children and encourage them to strive to become part of this list in the year to come.  
The Oostburg High School ATTENDANCE HONOR ROLL 2018-2019

Anzia, Anabelle

Bley, Sabryn

Bossler, Aaron

Bruggink, Logan

Brusse, Gillian

Buechler, Maxwell

Buhr, Isabel

Buhr, Olivia

Burger-Hansen, Alexis

DeMaster, Emily

Diener, Taylor

Dulmes, Aden

Dulmes, Levi

Eggebeen, Emily

Federspiel, Olivia

Greupink, Jon

Gross, Jessie

Helmer, Quinn  

Hinz, Angelina

Holbrook, Emily

Horne, Allissa

Huibregtse, Aaron

Kolste, Maggie

Kolste, Owen

Laganowski, Lauren

Lammers, Austin

Lammers, Elijah

Leitzke, Timothy

Lentz, Autumn

Lewis, Luke

Lilyquist, Micah

Lund, Camryn

Malwitz, Alec

Meke, Matthew

Mendez, Daniel

Mentink, Monica

Miller, Alexander

Minneci, Giovanna

Minneci, Nicholas

Navis, Payton

Newcomb, Ethan

Nuernberg, Madison

Otte, Leah

Parrish, Joseph

Parrish, Nathan

Pedroza, Andrea

Ramaker, Kaiya

Rauwerdink, Alaina

Ritterling, Jada

Roerdink, Madylin

Roerdink, Tyler

Sargent, Matthew

Schinner, Kyle

Schnelle, Emily

Schuessler, Cora

Schwarz, Viktor

Shircel, Braxton

Smies, Ashtin

Spindler, Justin

Stader, Elijah

Staggs, Joshua

Swedberg, Lauren

Swedberg, Riley

Towne, Hunter

VanEss, Kyla

Vang, Yulia

VanGinkel, Braden

Vasquez, Juan

Vega-Aquino, German

Verduzco, Conner

Walker, Maria

Weinert, Konnor

Westerbeke, Kaitlin

Wickesberg, Hayley

Wieskamp, Rebecca

Willoughby, Ethan

Wilson, Anastasia

Wilson, Blayz

Wilson, Owen

Wilterdink, Lindsey