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Project Board

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Our Need

We have been prompted to examine several High School building needs, originally planned for sometime in the future. Do we reinvest in those existing spaces or take a different approach?

Our Community Our Responsibility


Investment in Student Achievement – in top 10 of approx 400 WI school districts on Composite ACT score

Return on Investment

Based on spending vs student achievement, we rank #1.

Community Resource Officer

Investment in partnerships around safety

Oostburg Prevea Clinic

Innovation in strategic community partnerships

Village Projects

Trying to do what is right for the community

Real Estate

Great schools positively impact property values

Project Overview Click + below for more information



How can you do this with zero project related tax increase?

  • Favorable financing from previous Elementary School project allowing prepayment of some bonds
  • Saving using new ability for capital expenditures
  • Grant donation


Levies and Spending

  • Oostburg School District is one of lowest spending districts in the state of Wisconsin
  • The average local tax increase for the past 10 years is 0.59%
  • 2016 referendum had no tax increase despite one being anticipated and communicated to voters prior to that project



Long Term Planning Committee Members

  • Bob Brusse
  • Lucas Daane
  • Melanie Wisse
  • Peter Scheppmann
  • Chris Wolfert
  • Ceanne Simmelink
  • Brian Nyenhuis
  • Beth Grosshuesch
  • Kris Deburine
  • Lucas Allen

Next Steps

Mark your calendars to vote April 7th, 2020


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