Parents, please help us finish the school year productively.

Good morning, Parents.

As we enter the last four weeks of the school year, we would like to ask for the support of  parents in setting the expectation that we will continue to focus on learning and being productive right up until the last day of school.  This time of year there can be a lot of talk about “senioritis,” or just a general desire by all students to “relax” as the school year comes to a conclusion.  As a faculty, our goal is to finish the year strong with high expectations that students continue to learn each day.  All of our teachers plan to end the school year with a comprehensive unit which reviews the core skills and concepts of the class, and we plan to give comprehensive exams on the last few of days of school.

As teachers, we have learned over the years that if we give any indication of “relaxing” or “coasting” at the end of the year, students quickly pick up on those cues.  In fact, we know we have responsibility to push back against this desire, and set expectations that we will continue to be productive with every school day.  We feel that parents can help us considerably by reinforcing these expectations at home as well.  Let your high school aged children know that missing days at the end of the school year is no different than missing at any time of the year.  Share with them that it is only reasonable to expect that we will be productive with each day that is available to us.

Thanks for your support,