Exam Schedule and Procedures

Attached here is the exam schedule for January 17-19, as well as some information to clarify expectations and procedures.  If you or your children have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Greupink. Mr. Cole has shared the same schedule and information with all of our students via email, but we want parents to have the detailed information as well. If your children tell you that some of their classes do not have exams or are not meeting during the exam days, please understand that is not reliable information.

The exam process is very important from a learning perspective because both the review process and the exam itself provide an opportunity to finish the semester with a quality review of all of the essential learning standards that we want all of our students to learn. Parents can be very helpful in the preparation process by coaching your children to begin their preparations (studying) well in advance of the actual exam days. The wisest approach is for students to spend extra time each evening reviewing and studying for their exams beginning the week prior. Please encourage, coach, or even nag, your students about preparing in advance and not waiting until the last minute.

Thanks for your assistance in making this process as valuable as possible in terms of your children’s learning.