ACT and WorkKeys test for Juniors.

Good morning, Parents.

Normally, I send out a message every other week, but in the last couple of weeks there has been information that I felt I needed to get to parents in a timely manner so you have gotten a message every week.  Specifically, last week I shared that the course scheduling process would begin with class meetings this week (Juniors–Tues., Sophomores–Wed., and Freshmen–Thurs.) because we want parents to be aware so that you can discuss course selection with your children and guide them in making decisions about courses for next year.  Mature guidance from parents is very important in helping students make decisions focused on long term benefits rather than short-sighted desires such as avoiding challenging courses.  We have observed the positive impact of greater parental involvement in this process in that last couple of years–maybe because we have done a better job of communicating with parents–and it has made a substantial difference in students making better decisions in the scheduling process.

The second topic I need to share is that we will be giving the ACT test to all of our juniors on Tuesday, March 1st, and the WorkKeys test on March 2nd.  Both of these tests will occur in the mornings, and the juniors will be released from school on these two afternoons.  The rest of the high school students will have school as normal both days.  (Only the juniors will have the afternoons off.)  The testing schedule for the juniors is posted below.

Tuesday, March 1st—Day 2               ACT Test–

7:30-11:30                   ACT Testing:

English 45 min.

Math 60 min.

Break 15 min.

Reading 35 min.

Science 35 min.

Break 5 min. in testing room.

Writing 40 min.

Juniors will be released from school at about 11:30.

Wednesday, March 2nd—Day 1         WorkKeys test–

7:30-10:30                   WorkKeys Testing:

Pre-test Session 45 min.

Reading for Information 45 min.

Break 10 min.

Applied Math 45 min

Break 5 min.

Locating Information 45 min.

Juniors will be released from school at about 10:30.

I believe that most of our students understand that their ACT score is a very important indicator of their readiness for post-high school training.  College bound students who score 22 or above have reached an important benchmark that would suggest readiness for success at the college level.  Students pursuing technical training at a Technical Colleges should reach a minimal benchmark of 18 to demonstrate a similar level of readiness for success in these sorts of programs.  As a school, we try to reinforce the importance of the ACT score, and ACT growth by offering students end of the year exam opt outs if they improve their ACT score from the previous years summative Aspire score by one point.  Furthermore, we offer a second opt out if they improve their score by three points.  We believe this sort of growth that reflects important learning is really valuable in terms of preparation for the future and that is why we offer these incentives.

If you have any questions about either the scheduling process or the Statewide ACT/WorkKeys test, please give me a call at 564-2346 x 4001.