Homecoming Week at OHS.

Good afternoon, Parents.

Homecoming week is off and running, and we hope our students really enjoy this fun-filled week of events.  From what I heard this morning from Lisa Immel, the Powder Puff/Buff volleyball and football competitions went very well last night and the students really had a good time.  There are also themed dress up days all week, and homeroom competitions of all sorts.  And, of course, the Homecoming festivities will culminate on Friday and Saturday with the Homecoming Parade/Pep Rally and football game on Friday, and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday.  
As a faculty, we certainly want our students to enjoy the week, but we also know that must be done in the context of continuing to be productive and working hard in the classroom. Some times students like to try to suggest that working hard in the classroom this week will get in the way of their homecoming fun, but as the adults we know that we need to do our jobs as teachers and students and enjoy the full week of homecoming at the same time.  Because this can be a pretty pervasive student mindset, we would  appreciate the any support parents can offer in terms of talking to your students about continuing to be productive, and do their job as students, even as they enjoy the unique week of school.  
The schedule for Friday, Homecoming Day, is listed below.  Again, it is our goal to have productive classes until lunch, so we would appreciate parents support in that regard as well.  If students suggest that they are not doing anything in class on Friday, please allow me to set the record strait and communicate that we will be productive and teach lessons until 10:30 on Friday.  Therefore, student attendance in class on Friday morning is still a priority from our point of view.  Thanks in advance for your efforts to support productive classrooms this week.
Homecoming Day Schedule:
Block 1: 7:25-8:25
Block 2: 8:30-9:25
Block 3: 9:30-10:27
Lunch and HR as normal
Block #4: 11:27-12:15 (The Band and Dance Team will be released during this block, as well as people involved with the parade, court, and pep rally.)
12:30 Parade
1:15 Pep Rally