District Goals


Before getting into my blog I would like to remind families that our last school day, June 8th, is an early release day with HS/MS students released at 11:30 and ES students at 12:30. I would also like to invite families to join us for graduation on June 4th at 3:00 in our HS gym.

Recently I had the opportunity to hear from a panel of industry experts including human resource executives from several medium and large Wisconsin firms. The panel was asked, “What skills do you want in the tool kit when candidates apply to your organization? Although the answers varied somewhat there was a consistent theme around hiring candidates that could make decisions on their own. A lack of ingenuity was mentioned along with a greater ability to navigate ambiguity and deal with failure. The executives encouraged the school leaders in attendance to focus on student learning that did not include right or wrong answers.

Our last school board meeting included what I believe to be an excellent example of OSD’s efforts to accomplish exactly what these industry leaders are looking for in their candidates. Our remote operated underwater vehicle (ROV) team presented, sharing the work of close to 40 students who are involved in a robotics problem solving based team at the MS and HS level. In addition, this week our Destination Imagination team will travel to Knoxville, Tennessee after qualifying for Global competition with a top finish at the state level. The previous month a state champion forensics team performed one of their events for our school board members. While all of this was taking place we also had a high level student team finishing up their Formula One car for competition at Road America (http://www.formulastudentusa.com/), and our Project Grill (http://projectgrill.org/) teams presented their projects at regional events.

As I was listening to the presenters talk about things they were looking for (and often not seeing) in the hiring process, it was affirming to consider the opportunities for our OSD students. I found myself reflecting on ways to build our learning environment to include additional authentic experiences that grow our students so that when they walk across the stage at graduation they are prepared for success in the next season of their life.

Enjoy this day!

Kevin Bruggink