Christmas Gift Drive

Make the Season Brighter for Kids in out of home care!

My family and I would like your help in making the Holiday Season a bit brighter for children in out of home care (formerly known as Foster care), by participating with us in Fundraiser for Gifts. Every year over 8000 children get placed into out of home placement here in Wisconsin, often through no fault of their own. Many of those children will spend The Holidays  away from their parents. Christmas can bring  mixed feelings for these children. They are left  facing rejection, sadness and uncertainty. Left to wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” “Why doesn’t anyone want me?” and “What did I do to cause this?”

While we realize that a simple toy isn’t much, it is something. To some of these children it may be the only thing anyone gives them for Christmas. It’s our hope that we can help them feel wanted and loved, and to let them know that there are so many people who care about them.

We will be using 100%  of the funds collected to purchase Toys for children of all ages. We are requesting that all donations be at the school by Dec 11th, so there is  enough time to purchase and deliver the gift to social services.  Social Services will be  distributing the gifts to local children before Christmas.

If you would like to help, please send $1.00 or more in an envelope labeled Money for Gift Drive to school with your child. You may also send an unwrapped gift to school if you prefer. 

*Donation box located in the Elementary, Middle and High School Offices. 

Fundraiser will run Nov 1st – Dec. 14th.

Thanks for your generosity,

DeBlaey Family