A Call for Chairs

One of Oostburg Elementary School’s favorite traditions is beginning this month.  Fifth grade students will be decorating and re-purposing used chairs (see photo below).  Once students are done decorating and painting the chairs, they will be auctioned off at our spring Festival of the Arts (Tuesday, March 7th, 2017).

We are in need of used chairs to decorate and re-purpose.  If you have any chairs (preferably wooden) that are sitting around your home, we would gladly take them and give them a good home.  Please consider donating a chair to this worthy cause.

If you have a chair to donate, please contact the OES office at (920) 564- 2392 or drop them off at the elementary office or art room.  We are looking for donations to be made by Friday, January 13th.

Thanks for considering,
OES Art Department and Mr. White