Summer Is Here

Dear Parents,

Today I’ve had more students say they are sad that it’s the last day of school than those who’ve told me they are happy it’s the last day. At first, my response was that we have some really weird kids, but as I looked around the quad at all that was happening, I understood. Some students were talking in a circle, eagerly trying to get their story into the conversation. Another small group of students were reading their books, and when I approached them indicated that they really wanted to get their books done before the end of school. Another group of boys had balls in their hands, strategizing teams for kickball. When I stepped back to take it all in, I appreciated the special community of students and teachers we have at this school. Our community is about more than just getting them ready academically. Our students are growing in many different ways.

A few announcements:

· Please check our “Lost and Not Yet Found” area for any missing items.

· Summer School registration is still open. Please return registration forms in as soon as possible. Summer School runs June 22-25, June 29-July 2 and August 10-13, August 17-20.

· Our registration process has gone online. Please don’t forget that important envelope that contains information on how to register. Please call the office with any questions: 564-2392.

· I’m pleased to report that we achieved our school wide goal of 83 percent of our students reaching reading benchmarks. If you haven’t done so already, please extend a thank you to our very dedicated teachers who work so hard to help our students make progress throughout the year.

Enjoy your summer, as you take advantage of awesome weather and opportunities for family time. We look forward to seeing many students in Summer School and in Dutch Bunch over the summer months. Keep your children reading, writing, and doing math wherever and whenever there are opportunities. We look forward to seeing their growth when they return in fall!


Ann Steenwyk