One Month Away

Dear Parents,

We are just one month away from the end of the year, and this school is buzzing as if we were just beginning.  There is a sense of “newness” all about us.  We’re looking at new building plans, planning new schedules for next year, and welcoming a new principal.  Most importantly, we continue to experience new learning.

Teachers eagerly welcome the month of May.  No, it’s not just because it is Teacher Appreciation Week or that the light is more visible at the end of the tunnel.  May is the month teachers get to see and experience the impact they’ve had on students.  We get to see how far students have come in their learning.  Affirmation of purpose.

At grades 3-5, we just finished up the Wisconsin Forward Testing.  Although it was new to us this year and we won’t get the immediate results we’d like to get, we were able to observe how our students tackled the questions given and how they represent what they’ve learned.  At grades JK-2, we are finishing up PALS testing to see now our students have responded to our literacy instruction and to make sure they are ready for next steps.  In the next 3 weeks, we’ll also look specifically at our students’ progress through Running Record Assessments and Aspire testing, measures that focus more on student growth than on achievement of specific skills.   All of these assessments provide us a clearer picture of student learning and our own effectiveness in getting our students to reach their full potential.

Of course, all this assessment continues to be balanced with a healthy dose of fun and non-academic learning.  Next week, our students have the privilege of learning about a variety of careers from community members.  We also have a variety of grade level programs, rocket launches, field trips, and the Summertime Café to look forward to.  Please take time to talk with your children about all of the learning that continues to happen on and off campus.  They may even have some great playground stories.

Thank you to all of you who recognized our teachers in a special way this week.  We are grateful for the on-going community support our school receives in different ways each day.

Have a great weekend!

Ann Steenwyk