Dear Parents,gomath

We are now over half way through our first year using our new math series GoMath.  To this point, our teachers have been very happy with the instructional materials and resources.  We are noticing that our students are talking more about math, seem to enjoy the materials and resources, and are learning many different ways to approach math problems.  Students are exposed to more math story problems, and the focus is on understanding before procedure.

We realize that with new resources, there is always a learning curve, and we look for ways to improve our use of the instructional materials, how we communicate about the resources, and most importantly how we can involve you in the learning of our students.  With that in mind, we would like to get your feedback about how the math program is impacting our students.  In the next week or so, you will receive a short survey via email, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback to us about our math programming.  We would appreciate you taking a few moments to complete the survey.  We’ll be using the information for our improvement efforts.

Please mark your calendars:  Celebration of the Arts – Tuesday, March 8!

Have a great weekend!