Dear Parents,

Our super power focus of this month is courage.  Courage is defined as a choice or willingness to confront difficulty.  It’s demonstrating strength in the face of pain or uncertainty.  It is a quality of spirit and conduct, something we want to encourage in our students.  There are so many different ways students can exercise courage throughout the school day.  We think it is important to talk about it.

Learning takes courage.  For example, all throughout the day we ask our students to take risks, to answer questions even if they aren’t sure about the answer, and to try new approaches to solving problems.  Sometimes having courage leads to disappointment with performance, or high levels of frustration.  Nevertheless, courage gives us the strength to pick ourselves back up, try again, and stick with the learning process.  Some students exercise courage every day just walking into school, and we celebrate the small and big successes along the way.

Working on friendships also takes courage.  Each day students are faced with so many choices within their relationships.  Should I play with that girl today?  Should I stand up for the kid that keeps getting picked on?  Should I laugh at that boy’s joke?  Students need to demonstrate courage in their actions and their words.  They have to navigate the interpersonal and emotional challenges they face each day.   Although this can be tough, we talk openly about these experiences and support this “non-academic” work just as much as the academic work.  Look for opportunities to have conversations with your child about courage, and help us celebrate the successful moments when we see courage in action.

A few other notes to keep in mind this month:

  • Next week is the Hour of Code week (Dec. 7-13). Please go to to check out what our students will be working on.  Although we hope to have all of our students dabble in it at some point next week, they are welcome to continue their work (and fun!) at home.
  • Our toy drive for foster children continues. Toys can be dropped off in the big red box in the office.  Thank you for the toys you have already contributed!
  • Be sure to check out the lost and found. Some of these items might have been gone long enough that you could wrap them back up and give them as Christmas gifts. 🙂

Have a great weekend!