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Curriculum Overview

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program follows the Creative Curriculum GOLD, which is aligned to the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, and the Second Steps Social and Emotional Curriculum. The CC GOLD has nine major categories of development. Those categories are Language Development, Cognitive Development, Mathematics (number recognition/identification, counting, patterns, etc.), Science and Technology, Social Studies, the Arts (Music and Motion), Literacy, and Social Emotional Development. These areas of development are presented in an introductory, developmentally appropriate format.

One of the main purposes, or philosophies of our Junior Kindergarten program, is to build a strong foundation in Social and Emotional Development, which is instrumental to student academic success. It is important for children to have a sense of self confidence/self-esteem, gain independence (separation), acquire a willingness to try new things and take chances (and not be afraid), be able to follow a schedule or routine, have peer interactions and build friendships, follow directions, learn responsibility by taking care of his/her items (hanging up coat/backpack/etc., crayons/markers/scissors/etc.), have the opportunity for hands on learning, learn problem solving strategies, and be able to transition from one activity to another.

Having these significant developmental skills in place, allows the child to hit the ground running for academic success.